You know what they say, "money can buy you anything." Well, your blasted caucus system makes it terribly hard to buy elections. Only families of privilege should be allowed to produce candidates for political office. We can't have undesirables running and being elected to positions of power and authority. It's preposterous!


Fred Jensen
02/19/2014 8:54am

How does the caucus system make it harder to buy votes? It seems to be that it makes it easier because there are fewer of them to buy.

02/27/2014 9:45am

The Caucus system makes it harder to buy votes because, the people in local neighborhoods choose the person and nobody can influence that choice with money. If you don't have a caucus system--all that needs to be done is big money advertises and lets everyone know what they should think and how to vote. The local power is gone. You are now TOLD who to vote. There is no way money can influence a caucus and so the power brokers need to destroy this system. count your vote/buy your vote. They will count your vote after they tell you how to vote.


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